Our Mission

Universal Digital Solution provides digital services primarily to local businesses, for-profit/non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and local residents in Mahoning Valley.
Our purpose is to help clients to
  1. Reach out to more users and customers
  2. Improve user and customer experience
  3. Set-up a new or improve existing transaction system for online purchasing
  4. Increase digital visibility
  5. Improve branding



Mobile Apps & Web Sites

We identify, design, develop, evaluate, and maintain mobile apps (IOS, Android, & Windows) and Web sites for:

  1. Startup and enterprise businesses to increase their customer base, sale, and improve branding
  2. For-Profit or Non-profit organizations to reach out to more users and/or to better serve to their existing members
  3. Educators to assist in teaching, managing, and improving educational experiences of learners
  4. Local residents

We create responsive and stable systems that works seamlessly regardless of the device and/or platform that your customers have. To learn more about how we can assist you, call us at 330.333.9905 or email at info at digi-u.com.


Network Problems & Solutions

We design, implement and manage cutting-edge networking solutions for businesses of all sizes, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and local residents of Mahoning Valley. Whether to update the current networking system or to set up a new system, our networking team can tailor a solution for your needs that delivers the most effective results.

To learn more about how we can resolve your networking issues, call us at 330.333.9905 or email at info at digi-u.com.


Digital Security and Physical Surveillance Solutions

Digital security is extremely important in this information era, and will be even more essential in the future. We can assess your current digital security level, and provide resolutions for any potential problems.

We also provide surveillance solutions for your home, office, and building with cutting edge cameras and digital systems. If you have an existing surveillance system, we diagnose issues, and if needed we repair and/or rebuild.

Call us at 330.333.9905 or email at info at digi-u.com for a customized solution.

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We have had issues in our network at our small business. Universal Digital Solutions idetified the main reasons and laid out a plan that we could understand to address our issue. They came to our company another day and worked on it a few our, after which our network was working much much better. The cost associated with the installed equipment and labor was mush less than what we paid when the network was initially installed by another company. They even gave us some extra wireless hotspots for free. We recommend them to all small businesses in the area. Jane H.
They were wonderful. We contacted them for a new app for our store. They came to our store to meet us, talk to me and my employees, and assess our needs. Two weeks later, they developed a wonderful app that our customers love. We have had great comments about our new app. They took some photos, captured some videos, and did all that during our regular business ours without disrupting our business. We love our new app. It is modern, works and looks awesome. Thank you. Dave M.
We have had a lot of complaints about our old web site both in terms of looks as well as its funcitonality. UDS came to our location in Boardman to do an initial assessment. They met with us a few times, and offered us a few designs. They then developed a new web site that we all love. They consulted with us every step of the way. We are so gratefull for their ecxellent service. Bill B.
I feel safe after the installation of the security system in my house. The cameras installed looks awesome. I can watch my house from work or on the go. It is so great to be able to have a complete control of my house. You guys are just great!! Sally Z.